Maine Prison Ministries

Our Focus?

Maine Prison Ministries Inc. main focus is for incarcerated men and women to hear the Word of God and receive regeneration by the Holy Spirit. We work to network them with ministries to help with aftercare and to encourage and welcome them back into society. To be able to do this we attempt to focus on being a resource for inmates throughout the state of Maine and to direct them to people and places that can help them.

What do we offer to the incarcerated?

  • Hope through the Word of God
  • A listening ear
  • Counsel through God's Word
  • Correspondence Bible Studies.
  • Free Bibles
  • Direction (Life after Prison)
  • Resources

What's New?

Good news: Maine Prison Ministries, Inc is now a 501c(3) exempt organization.
Contributions may now go directly to us. See below under "How You Can Support Maine Prison Ministries"

Our Commitment?

Always to the prisoner with the Gospel message of Jesus' death, burial and resurrection, for our justification; and to the volunteers and churches to help in their role to the incarcerated and to the ex-offenders upon release.

How Can You Support Maine Prison Ministries?

Prayer for our ministry, first and foremost.

Your financial gifts and generosity of individuals and churches are our only source of financial support, for the continuance of this ministry.

You can begin supporting Maine Prison Ministries now by making your tax deductible checks out to:

Maine Prison Ministries, Inc.
PO Box 136
Brooks, ME 04921


Email Warren at or Telephone him at 207-722-3761